British East Asians in Theatre & on Screen

Excited to announce I am now a supporting member of @beatsorguk BRITISH EAST ASIANS in THEATRE and on SCREEN #representationmatters 🙌 BEATS are doing incredible work to push representation of British East Asians in Theatre and on Screen, something that I firmly stand by. I do this so that younger generations have honest and human portrayals of themselves, so that BEAs don’t have to continue to take on so much emotional baggage when trying to explain how stereotyping or micro-aggressions of any kind are not acceptable. …British East Asians in arts and culture are underrepresented, marginalised and maligned. In short, dehumanised.

Increasing British East Asian visibility is a vital step in emancipating British East Asians from invisibility and frees us from a chain of systemic discrimination. Seeking representation of British East Asians in the mainstream media that are not one-dimensional or ‘other-ing’ equalises our voices and faces. In this process of humanising our identity, we work towards building a new generation of role models and storytellers who are unencumbered by stereotyping and a society where East Asians are no longer ridiculed, fetishised, perceived as threats, or the perpetual foreigner….

Producing and Starring in new Short Film ‘Stalling It’

So excited to be producing again! Finally sent off comedy short ‘STALLING IT’ for funding, just like a dodgy love letter with no guaranteed return 💌 #huzzah 💌 So delighted to be making this with the fabulous and forkin hardworkin writer and director @carolinewardphotography 🙌💜 as you can see from our marvellous visuals this film will be all things weddings and 80s 🎬 our cast and crew are all industry gems and it is set in a toilet! What is there not to like? 🏆 The cast and crew of STALLING IT value a film culture that is sincere and honest when delivering diversity and equitable practices. Throughout the entire production and beyond we will commit to this and celebrate it. We will do so by making sure we are mindful in hiring, paying and communicating with all cast and crew. We will also make sure to include all audiences, applying our ethos at any screenings or events that we may host. Finally our set and any screening events will be treated as eco-friendly environments. watch this space and we will keep you updated 💜 @sophie.hopkins @neal_parsons @sachaclaxton @mike_ladouceur #nevergunnagiveyouup #dontstopbelieving #80s

Cast in Michelle Williams Gamaker’s ‘Encore (Resurrection Manifestations)’

Shooting Today for ‘Encore (Resurrection Manifestations)’ a short film Directed by the talented @michellewilliamsgamaker with the brilliant @sasha_frost at the former Carlton Cinema on Essex Road (London). The film will be a part of @tintypelondon “Essex Road V” moving image commission, and will be back projected into the gallery’s glass window facing the street this December 2018 – January 2019 (for those of you that wanna see my mug as a green ghost amidst your Christmas shopping 👻💚) and will be up permanently on the galleries website. Truly grateful for all of the artists I get to work with venturing with them on their marvellous journeys. Some neat facts about the old cinema: ‘A historic Grade II* listed building located in the heart of Islington, Gracepoint was built by the famous architect George Coles. The venue has a magnificent Art Deco style façade, infused with an Egyptian theme, dressed in multi-coloured hathernware tiles. The building started life when the Carlton Cinema chain bought the land in 1929 and opened a year later with a capacity of 2,226. The Egyptian design of the façade and interior was influenced by the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922.’ 🤓#blithespirit #reanimation #spiritworld #oldcinema #starlets #oldtheatre #1940s #1930s #vaudeville

Interview with WE AUDITION

Thank you @weaudition for having me yesterday talking all things CASTING, SELF TAPES, REHEARSING and so much more. WeAudition.com is such a fantastic platform which is mega easy to navigate where actors, agents and casting directors can meet, rehearse and selftape! No more struggling to find a scene partner or having to rehearse alone (if that’s not your style). Most importantly it gives you a resourceful community to team up with. THANK YOU @weaudition 💪❤️🙌 Repost @weaudition ・・・

Self-taping for Hollywood from the UK… is it a thing?

We chat to rising UK star @jemma_moore (#wonderwoman #doom) for some tips! Full interview over on @weaudition on Facebook now!







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Cast in Jed Shepherd’s MULTIPLEX

🎥 Check out and follow #MultiplexFilm http://www.multiplexfilm.com 🎥 It was a total pleasure to be cast as ‘Hettie’ in @multiplexfilm produced by.@fivefiftyfivefilms Directed by the incredibly talented and bloody lovely @jedshepherd ( Dawn of The Deaf ) DOP the wicked @williambaldy ( Doctor Who 2018) Starring: @lewismacdougall ( A Monster Calls ) @victoriayeates1 ( Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ) @emmalovesss (The Crown ) @shriya.pilgaonkar ( Beecham House) @thatkatebaxter ( An English Gentleman) the marvellous @haley_bishop and the wonderful @radina_drandova ❤️ and many many more! All the incredible BTS photos by: @simonking_v @kodak_shootfilm #kodakfilm … watch this virtual space 🔮

Choose Love

Sad to soon be ending my first TV gig 😔 but so excited for the amazing adventures to come (as you can see from my goober face ⬆️) Learning so many new things and I am forever grateful for the team around me. Without you guys I’d be a #jabroni 🤣 Also reppin @helprefugeesuk in my #chooselove t-shirt!! ❤️❤️

Cast in BBC Production

Just a massive THANK YOU post for my agent @jamesdaviess at @sainoutalent for being THE BEST EVER and just so grateful to have you on my team! Excited to announce our first job together, which is for the #bbc 🤟 so so grateful to @emma_louisa_sylvester , Rachelle & John at BBC casting and manager @priyasatiani at #GrandviewLA 💚 LEGGO 💪

Shoot with Anna Rakhvalova

I am so lucky to have some very talented friends indeed!! Possibly the only day it rained in those few weeks we had a heatwave 🔥 this summer 🙈@anna_rakhvalova (who I met at a marvellous friends house party this year) and I grabbed a coffee and went for a walk around #HampsteadHeath talking #nature , #art and then one conversation trickled into another and we’d covered most #genres of #music, #film, #literature. Anna took #photos while I #climbed trees, #danced on #bridges and cuddled every #dog that passed us by. She is certainly very #talented and just a #beautiful soul to be around. She’s captured some really incredible photos considering the weather, no make up artist and low light and I can’t wait to show you them all. Sometimes I forget that loads of my friends have #individual #gifts and live within an hours distance in #London and all we have to do is find a few hours in the day to #collaborate and create work. It’s easy to get into the routine of the daily grind and sometimes you’ve just got to remember to shake it up a little. 🙌 thank you Anna ❤️❤️


More behind the scenes 👀🎬 CALLING ALL ACTORS 🎬 Last year I was so grateful to of been chosen as the WINNER for @abccasting ‘s 2017 #abcdiscovers UK competition! And this year it is BACK! The competition takes place September 10, 2018 – September 24 ⏰It is about finding fresh voices and original faces for ABC’s scripted programming 🎥🎥

The U.S. and U.K. #winner will each win a one-year- $25,000 talent deal with ABC 🙌🔥 so head over to http://www.abcdiscoversUK.com to enter! #ABCDiscovers #ABCDigitalTalentCompetition *



Make up by. @mariamjensenmakeup

Directed by. Richard Clement

Production manager. Claire Long


ABC Doubles Down On UK Talent Search With Casting Competition