Dragon Kingdom out now!

Indie film #DragonKingdom directed by. @simon_director is now out on #VOD on #skystore and #virginmediastore 📹 and #DVD in #hmv and on #amazon 📀 Catch my character Freya firing a bow and arrow and slicing up some zombies 🧟‍♀️ with @rossohennessy (Game of Thrones) and @zaraphythian (Doctor Strange) in this action packed feature…. trailer coming soon

ADR for new DOOM MOVIE 2019

Wrapping up the year with some ADR for @doommovie 👽👾 photo courtesy of our marvellous director @tonygig 💥 it’s looking so good and everyone’s kick ass in it! 💪 so excited to share this project with you. #doommovie #doom #doomguy #universal #universalpictures #doomgame #ps4 #GAME #playstation

CHOOSE LOVE presents WOMEN IN FILM: A Panel discussion

THANK YOU so so much to everyone who came to last night’s amazing @helprefugeesuk (in partnership with #creativecollective #glimpse) #CHOOSELOVE store’s SOLD OUT event WOMEN IN FILM: A panel discussion ❤️ Thank you to our inspiring panel @aeiaiai @naidaspider @herronthatkate and Chi Thai ❤️ Thank you to everyone who bought items in the store and those that couldn’t make it but still donated, your generosity is hugely appreciated ❤️ Thank you @eric_kole for the amazing @crumbsanddoilies unicorn cake and the fantastic @carolinewardphotography for these amazing photos 📸. Thank you everyone in the #chooselovestore and Philli at Help Refugees for help making this happen. If you wish to help out please check out the items from the CHOOSE LOVE store the link is in my bio 🔝 items start from as little as £3 for a hot shower, £10 can buy a child’s coat to keep them warm over the cold winter months, £3 can buy hot food. There’s also mental health support, Medical care and much much more. Also check out the £2 raffle for @banksy ‘s boat (which you can go and see inside the shop) ❤️ CHOOSE LOVE ❤️ #helprefugees #timeoutlondon #carnabystreet #thingstodolondon #womeninfilm #femalefilmmakers #christmas #london #londonevents #inspire #empathy #metoo

CHOOSE LOVE presents WOMEN IN FILM: A panel discussion raising funds and awareness for HELP REFUGEES

EXCITED TO BE HOSTING @helprefugeesuk #CHOOSELOVE shop event WOMEN IN FILM: A Panel discussion MON 10th Dec 17:30 – 19:00. LINK TO TICKETS IN BIO.

The panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities infront and behind the camera, with a Q&A after.

The panel consists of:

· Three times CANNES LIONS finalist producer Chi Thai.

· SCREEN INTERNATIONAL STAR OF TOMORROW, BROADCAST HOT SHOT, one of FORBES 30 UNDER 30 and on the BBC HOT NEW TALENT LIST writer-director Kate Herron @herronthatkate · As seen on DAZED DIGITAL and recipient of the BAFTA LA Scholarship in 2016 cinematographer Shivani Hassard @aeiaiai .

· WINNER of the TriForce/ C21 Writerslam 2018 and long-listed for PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE’s Write Now 2018, Writer and PhD candidate Naida Redgrave @naidaspider

Please buy ticket with the link below:


The event is being held at the Choose Love shop at 32 FOUBERT’S PLACE, LONDON, which is the world’s first store where you can buy real gifts for refugees, contains practical items like tents, nappies and sleeping bags. But instead of taking them home, each purchase buys a similar item for someone who truly needs it.

This event is free but as always donations and purchasing of any item in the CHOOSE LOVE shop would be hugely appreciated.

In 2017, this new model of charitable giving raised nearly £1 million, it got the message out to over 200 million people, and it engaged celebrities, influencers and the public with a really positive message.

We believe funds should go straight to where they are needed most. So we make sure 100% of donations from the store go straight to supporting front line services.

Last year, the sale of life jackets from the Choose Love store raised £38,594, which enabled Refugee Rescue to assist 1,399 people braving the treacherous sea crossing from Turkey.

The Choose Love store was created by Help Refugees in partnership with creative collective, Glimpse. #helprefugees #chooselove #chooseloveshop

STALLING IT comedy short film chosen out of 300 applicants for funding and production partnership by Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE and Producer Charles Kay

💕 WE DID IT, WE GOT MARRIED AT BAFTA 💕 JOKES!!!! Lol lol no we didn’t but we want to say A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the amazing @thetcn 🎥 British entrepreneur, philanthropist, broadcaster, and educator Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE and Producer Charles Kay 🎥 for choosing our short film ‘STALLING IT’ to be one of the 10 finalists out of 300 applications. NOT ONLY THAT but for agreeing to a partnership with myself and writer/director @carolinewardphotography and funding half of the short’s overall budget 😱🙌 THANK YOU SO MUCH WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT 🙌 Thank you to the cast and crew for being so great! We’re sooo excited to make this @neal_parsons @sachaclaxton @mike_ladouceur @sophie.hopkins @arianascott9 ❤️#shortfilmfunding #triforcefilmfestival #bafta #stefanalleschtaylor #charleskay #entrepreneur #funding #shortfilm

Jemma Moore in Encore Resurrection Manifestations

🎥 I was so delighted to get to work with @michellewilliamsgamaker on “Encore (Resurrection Manifestations)”. And it is now completed.

Save Wednesday 12th December for the premiere at @tintypelondon for Essex Road 5, this year features 8 artists @david_blandy_ @michelledeignan @ra_dimartino @galitzinedmitri #jayneparker #hirakisawa @nicolevinokur @michellewilliamsgamaker sponsored by @artscouncilengland 🎥


SO EXCITED! SHORT FILM I PRODUCED @allofmeshortfilm IS ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE OF @theguiltyfeminist 124: WOMEN OF COLOUR ON SCREEN WITH @dfdubz @kemahsvoice @elizabethuviebinene AND @yomi.adegoke ❤️ THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN to all our cast and crew and everyone who has supported us through every stage! YOU ALL made it so special! I tweeted @dfdubz and @sofiehagendk almost a year and a half ago to say how much #theguiltyfeminist has inspired and influenced me to make films that were sincere and as authentic as possible when delivering diversity. And I continue to push for this in our industry! THANK YOU @theguiltyfeminist for continuously helping me articulate, understand and take action to make change for better. Thank you to @aprilsunraes (my AOM production sister) for letting me know … otherwise this would’ve been a pretty hairy drive to work tomorrow listening to this and getting excited not knowing what to do 🤣

British East Asians in Theatre & on Screen

Excited to announce I am now a supporting member of @beatsorguk BRITISH EAST ASIANS in THEATRE and on SCREEN #representationmatters 🙌 BEATS are doing incredible work to push representation of British East Asians in Theatre and on Screen, something that I firmly stand by. I do this so that younger generations have honest and human portrayals of themselves, so that BEAs don’t have to continue to take on so much emotional baggage when trying to explain how stereotyping or micro-aggressions of any kind are not acceptable. …British East Asians in arts and culture are underrepresented, marginalised and maligned. In short, dehumanised.

Increasing British East Asian visibility is a vital step in emancipating British East Asians from invisibility and frees us from a chain of systemic discrimination. Seeking representation of British East Asians in the mainstream media that are not one-dimensional or ‘other-ing’ equalises our voices and faces. In this process of humanising our identity, we work towards building a new generation of role models and storytellers who are unencumbered by stereotyping and a society where East Asians are no longer ridiculed, fetishised, perceived as threats, or the perpetual foreigner….

Producing and Starring in new Short Film ‘Stalling It’

So excited to be producing again! Finally sent off comedy short ‘STALLING IT’ for funding, just like a dodgy love letter with no guaranteed return 💌 #huzzah 💌 So delighted to be making this with the fabulous and forkin hardworkin writer and director @carolinewardphotography 🙌💜 as you can see from our marvellous visuals this film will be all things weddings and 80s 🎬 our cast and crew are all industry gems and it is set in a toilet! What is there not to like? 🏆 The cast and crew of STALLING IT value a film culture that is sincere and honest when delivering diversity and equitable practices. Throughout the entire production and beyond we will commit to this and celebrate it. We will do so by making sure we are mindful in hiring, paying and communicating with all cast and crew. We will also make sure to include all audiences, applying our ethos at any screenings or events that we may host. Finally our set and any screening events will be treated as eco-friendly environments. watch this space and we will keep you updated 💜 @sophie.hopkins @neal_parsons @sachaclaxton @mike_ladouceur #nevergunnagiveyouup #dontstopbelieving #80s