HOST coming to cinemas soon …

#HOST coming to a cinema near you …


Huge HUGE thanks to the brilliant @dirrobsavage for directing us through zoom and always being a talented wizard.

To @jedshepherd and @gem_gem_hurley and again @dirrobsavage for writing an absolute dreaaaam of a challenge to perform and something so completely terrifying.

Big ole thanks to the BEST PRODUCER EVER @douglascox and his team Charley Carson and Drew O’Neill.

Thank you so much @howesmarten for just being so cool and chill directing stunts with the whole team at @lucky13action while social distancing and keeping it badass and safe.

Of course thank you to you gorgeous frightened friends and co-stars @haley_bishop@radina_drandova@emmalovesss@caroline__ward@c0ach_ted@jinny_lofthouse@seylanbaxter

Thanks so much to @calumsample for being patient and awesome with us on sound 🤣 and @stevevfx and the VFX team for always being there to be the VFX wizard that you are.

Thank you @ciaroncraig for helping us all out with all our camera and lighting needs 🙏

Thank you @alexikotkowska for being just the best wardrobe babe EVER! And @lukemarsh_ for providing the coolest tshirt ever!

Thank you @13fingerfx@jamescswanton

THANK YOU @shudder for making it all happen.

Incredibly grateful to have been able to of been a part of this project. 💕


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