Trailer for ‘BEHIND THE MASK’ short film Directed by. @simonkmatthews Written by. and Starring: @c_amer_a and @elenita_doris

Got to do some jokes improv with a load of Lol bags and talented humans. SO excited to watch people watching this #metaisbetter First screening of 🎭BEHIND THE MASK🎭 will be on the 23rd JAN as part of @tibbs.mister @closeupfilmcentre Directed by. @simonkmatthews
Written by. And starring: @c_amer_a and @elenita_doris DOP 🎥 @turleyt
Art Direction 🎨 @daleoliverslater
1st Assist Dir ☝️ @talalaban
lighting 💡 @tomknowles
clapper 🎬 @romynsharma
assistant 🧞 @sammymitiev
sound 🎧 @lewis.j.clark
hair/makeup 💄 @paulamalencia + @le_roserovira 🏃‍♀️ runners 🏃‍♂️ @christopherphitie @itselenasanz & Blue.

Starring: @kylejonshephard @lauracalifornia @olliepowellpics @marossita @barney.ajtaylor and summer the dog 🌟

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