www.SelfTapePartnership.com Launching soon 20/01/2020

Excited to announce @selftapepartnership my new #selftaping and #auditionrehearsal business in #London will be launching 20/01/2020 please head over to the @selftapepartnership Instagram page for more info the official launch countdown in time for all those last minute #pilotseason tapes. #audition #selftape #londonactor #selftapelondon #selftapepartnership

HUGE thank you to @preisnerdop for helping me film my promo for my new adventure @selftapepartnership which will be launching in JAN 2020 (it’s been a long going process of trial and error and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me) and a massive thanks to @nicklesteractor and @laurendaltonx for being a part of the promo! FUN FACT we actually filmed a self tape on the day for @nicklesteractor and we just found out he got the job! 🙌💕 Pretty exciting news and YES NICK SMASHED IT! Keep an eye on my socials for the launch!🌟🌟

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