Jemma Moore – joining the panel for #jointheconversation: CineCircle presents Women in Film – expert panel discussion & networking THIS TUESDAY 22nd of October.

Excited and honoured to be joining the panel for #jointheconversation: Women in Film – expert panel discussion & networking THIS TUESDAY 22nd of October.⁠ LINK TO TICKETS IN BELOW ⁠ #Repost @ericathemovie


Proud to announce our next event in partnership with @cinecircleuk!⁠

#jointheconversation: Women in Film – expert panel discussion & networking on the 22nd of October.⁠⁠

Come along to meet and network with like-minded indie filmmakers, actors, film financiers and indie-film marketing specialists. Whether you’re on the hunt for cast and crew, new projects, or are looking to explore your financing and marketing options, this is the perfect time and place to discuss all your current and future projects, with a drink in your hand and some great company! The event will be taking place at 93 Feet East in the heart of Brick Lane. We welcome everyone to attend, whether you’re a filmmaker with heaps of experience, a film lover, or are completely new to the industry.⁠


Join us to look at the role of Women in Film, featuring successful female professionals in front of and behind the camera.⁠

We will be discussing our panelists’ individual journeys, successes and challenges, as well as addressing the broader notion of representation in film, such as:⁠

range and availability of roles for women both in front of and behind the camera⁠

challenges women face in the film industry and whether ground is being gained⁠

challenges faced in getting trans women and women of colour represented on and off screen.⁠

Afterwards, join our Audience Q&A and use the opportunity to pick our experts’ brains and network with fellow filmmakers and artists.⁠






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One thought on “Jemma Moore – joining the panel for #jointheconversation: CineCircle presents Women in Film – expert panel discussion & networking THIS TUESDAY 22nd of October.

  1. Dear Jemma,

    I really enjoyed hearing you and your co-panalists speak at the Cine Circle Women in Film event. I have to say it was the best panel discussion I have seen since doing the networking rounds! It was both informative and inspiring in a real way, and I felt I could relate to the panelists experience. It was also great to see so many men at the event, and the men I spoke to really enjoyed the discussion too – so let’s hope progress is on its way and that there were a lot of take aways from it.

    I enjoyed hearing about your forays into producing and like you I really believe casting should be open to or indeed scripts should specify a diversity of characters, whether it be gender, sexuality, race or disability. On that note I would like to send you a pilot script for a comedy series Suck My Peach, set in Brighton that has a feisty feminist bi-sexual non-white lead character (although I don’t specify an ethnicity in the character descriptions, because i do believe in leaving casting open, we do meet the characters specifically Chinese grandmother later in the script), the other lead female character has undiagnosed autistic traits. I haven’t written more that the first episode yet, but I have ideas for the rest of the series that would be best developed in a team, particularly if I could work with actors that can help develop the characters and dialogue through workshopping ideas.

    I am a female writer/director, mainly for theatre productions, cabaret and short films so far. I got a four star review from Broadway Baby for my Brighton Festival transexual romance Mercutio Loves Romeo theatre production. I run a production company that has received many grants from the Arts Council for my work as an artist and events producer. I am currently working on a series of short films inspired by Brassai’s photographs of 1920’s/30-‘s Paris, following some of the cabaret artists and prostitutes stories that are recorded in his book Paris After Dark. I have written, directed and produced a very well received cabaret theatre production on this theme already, so I know there is an audience appetite for this material particularly as we enter the 2020’s! You can find snippets on my website, but most of the work is in post at the moment, soon to be released. I am also an Executive Director at Latest TV CIC Brighton.

    Any feedback is welcome on my script. One thing I would really like to understand better is how to ensure ethnic characters and their vernacular/way of speaking can be incorporated into a script without seeming patronising or offensive or ignorant! during the scripting process. I understand that the obvious solution is to work with actors on bettering the dialogue, but when starting out that is not always accessible. So please don’t judge too harshly when reading the part of the Chinese Grandmother. That could be a good workshop suggestion – how to better write for diversity!


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