ALL FEMALE CAST comedy short film ‘STALLING IT’ by writer/director Caroline Ward and Producer Jemma Moorehas JUST LAUNCHED on #INDIEGOGO

Excited to announce after two years since producing @allofmeshortfilm I AM BACK and producing an ALL FEMALE CAST comedy short film ‘STALLING IT’ @stallingitshortfilm which has JUST LAUNCHED on #INDIEGOGO 💕🦄 ‘STALLING IT’ – Five toilet stalls, three bridesmaids, one pregnancy test, one nosey neighbour, zero ideas of what to do next. The 1980’s an era of female independence, sexual freedom, experimentation, self expression and style. It’s 1988. Sammy, Bethan and Jo are bridesmaids at their best friend’s wedding. Their outfits are fabulous, their hair do’s are huge, the nuptials have been made and the drinks are now flowing. We join our bridesmaids in the midst of the time honoured female tradition…the joint bathroom break. Writer/Director Caroline Ward @carolinewardphotography (Shelf Life, Third on the Left, DAWN OF THE DEAF) and myself (ALL of Me short film, WONDER WOMAN, DOOM: Annihilation) have teamed together to raise £4000, we have already secured £3933.50 of our total budget from TriForce Short Film Festival’s Pitch It competition’s Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE, where we were chosen as the top ten out of 300 applicants. @arianamedia8 @neal_parsons @mike_ladouceur @sachaclaxton @sophie.hopkins are all a part of this incredibly talented and fun team and would love you to join us too … at the wedding. Check out how you can help out and what perks you can enjoy. CLICK LINK IN BIO TO WATCH OUT VIDEO #stallingitshortfilm #seeyouatthewedding #comedyshortfilm #allfemalecast #weddingvideo

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