SO EXCITED! SHORT FILM I PRODUCED @allofmeshortfilm IS ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE OF @theguiltyfeminist 124: WOMEN OF COLOUR ON SCREEN WITH @dfdubz @kemahsvoice @elizabethuviebinene AND @yomi.adegoke ❤️ THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN to all our cast and crew and everyone who has supported us through every stage! YOU ALL made it so special! I tweeted @dfdubz and @sofiehagendk almost a year and a half ago to say how much #theguiltyfeminist has inspired and influenced me to make films that were sincere and as authentic as possible when delivering diversity. And I continue to push for this in our industry! THANK YOU @theguiltyfeminist for continuously helping me articulate, understand and take action to make change for better. Thank you to @aprilsunraes (my AOM production sister) for letting me know … otherwise this would’ve been a pretty hairy drive to work tomorrow listening to this and getting excited not knowing what to do 🤣

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