Producing and Starring in new Short Film ‘Stalling It’

So excited to be producing again! Finally sent off comedy short ‘STALLING IT’ for funding, just like a dodgy love letter with no guaranteed return 💌 #huzzah 💌 So delighted to be making this with the fabulous and forkin hardworkin writer and director @carolinewardphotography 🙌💜 as you can see from our marvellous visuals this film will be all things weddings and 80s 🎬 our cast and crew are all industry gems and it is set in a toilet! What is there not to like? 🏆 The cast and crew of STALLING IT value a film culture that is sincere and honest when delivering diversity and equitable practices. Throughout the entire production and beyond we will commit to this and celebrate it. We will do so by making sure we are mindful in hiring, paying and communicating with all cast and crew. We will also make sure to include all audiences, applying our ethos at any screenings or events that we may host. Finally our set and any screening events will be treated as eco-friendly environments. watch this space and we will keep you updated 💜 @sophie.hopkins @neal_parsons @sachaclaxton @mike_ladouceur #nevergunnagiveyouup #dontstopbelieving #80s

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