British East Asians in Theatre & on Screen

Excited to announce I am now a supporting member of @beatsorguk BRITISH EAST ASIANS in THEATRE and on SCREEN #representationmatters 🙌 BEATS are doing incredible work to push representation of British East Asians in Theatre and on Screen, something that I firmly stand by. I do this so that younger generations have honest and human portrayals of themselves, so that BEAs don’t have to continue to take on so much emotional baggage when trying to explain how stereotyping or micro-aggressions of any kind are not acceptable. …British East Asians in arts and culture are underrepresented, marginalised and maligned. In short, dehumanised.

Increasing British East Asian visibility is a vital step in emancipating British East Asians from invisibility and frees us from a chain of systemic discrimination. Seeking representation of British East Asians in the mainstream media that are not one-dimensional or ‘other-ing’ equalises our voices and faces. In this process of humanising our identity, we work towards building a new generation of role models and storytellers who are unencumbered by stereotyping and a society where East Asians are no longer ridiculed, fetishised, perceived as threats, or the perpetual foreigner….

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