Shoot with Anna Rakhvalova

I am so lucky to have some very talented friends indeed!! Possibly the only day it rained in those few weeks we had a heatwave 🔥 this summer 🙈@anna_rakhvalova (who I met at a marvellous friends house party this year) and I grabbed a coffee and went for a walk around #HampsteadHeath talking #nature , #art and then one conversation trickled into another and we’d covered most #genres of #music, #film, #literature. Anna took #photos while I #climbed trees, #danced on #bridges and cuddled every #dog that passed us by. She is certainly very #talented and just a #beautiful soul to be around. She’s captured some really incredible photos considering the weather, no make up artist and low light and I can’t wait to show you them all. Sometimes I forget that loads of my friends have #individual #gifts and live within an hours distance in #London and all we have to do is find a few hours in the day to #collaborate and create work. It’s easy to get into the routine of the daily grind and sometimes you’ve just got to remember to shake it up a little. 🙌 thank you Anna ❤️❤️

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