Cast in Michelle Williams Gamaker’s ‘Encore (Resurrection Manifestations)’

Shooting Today for ‘Encore (Resurrection Manifestations)’ a short film Directed by the talented @michellewilliamsgamaker with the brilliant @sasha_frost at the former Carlton Cinema on Essex Road (London). The film will be a part of @tintypelondon “Essex Road V” moving image commission, and will be back projected into the gallery’s glass window facing the street this December 2018 – January 2019 (for those of you that wanna see my mug as a green ghost amidst your Christmas shopping 👻💚) and will be up permanently on the galleries website. Truly grateful for all of the artists I get to work with venturing with them on their marvellous journeys. Some neat facts about the old cinema: ‘A historic Grade II* listed building located in the heart of Islington, Gracepoint was built by the famous architect George Coles. The venue has a magnificent Art Deco style façade, infused with an Egyptian theme, dressed in multi-coloured hathernware tiles. The building started life when the Carlton Cinema chain bought the land in 1929 and opened a year later with a capacity of 2,226. The Egyptian design of the façade and interior was influenced by the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922.’ 🤓#blithespirit #reanimation #spiritworld #oldcinema #starlets #oldtheatre #1940s #1930s #vaudeville

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