what’sontv article – British actress Jemma Moore wins US TV search for next UK star

‘A British actress has scooped a $25,000 contract with giant US TV network ABC after it ran a competition to find UK stars for its show, reports The Stage.

Jemma Moore, who lives in London, looked stunned as she was told that she’d won ABC Discovers UK, which is a spin off from the channel’s existing talent show for American stars of the future.
“OMG, this is amazing, I’ve only ever won a cream egg before,” said a thrilled Jemma upon receiving the news.

Jemma, who was one of 10 finalists, will now be hoping she can follow in the footsteps of the winners of the US show, who’ve gone on to appear in series like Scandal and the revamped Dynasty.

The budding star had to post a video on the ABC site of herself performing a comedy or drama scene, and her performance won over the judges.

“I’m honoured to be selected as the winner of this extraordinary competition,” said Jemma.

“To be seen and credited by ABC casting is an incredible feeling. You work so hard, thoroughly prepare and treat each audition as a learning experience. To see it come to fruition is what we all aspire and work towards – I’m truly grateful.”

Jemma does have some acting experience under her belt, having enjoyed a small role in the new Wonder Woman film. However, she’ll now be hoping to become a household name on the back of her ABC win.’

To read the full article click here

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