Jemma Moore mentioned by Hello Giggles and re-posted by Zooey Deschanel


“This weekend, after what felt like centuries in the making, Wonder Woman opened to rave reviews and insane box office success. We’ve finally got the female hero we deserve front and center, and even better, Diana Prince’s story was brought to life by the ridiculously talented director, Patty Jenkins. Everything about Wonder Woman is seeping with girl power.

And, it actually gets better. There’s another layer in here, and one that we fully support. The all-ladies island of Themyscira (Diana’s home) used IRL athletes and hella strong women to bring the Amazon world to life. We’re blown away by this fact as it is, but prepare to be floored — many of the Amazon warriors have started sharing behind-the-scenes images from their time filming the movie, and we are in AWE.”

To read the full article click here

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